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Anand Arts College, heralded a new era of university education and opened new vistas of education in Anand town since it was the first college set up wayback in 1963. In the seventies, other institutions followed the example of Anand Arts College and many colleges opened in Anand. The college holds fascination and pride of place in Charotar area of Gujarat. It is one of the prestigious centers of education and has a glorious tradition of imparting knowledge to countless people over the past forty years. Merely 272 students enrolled when the college started in 1963. However, through sheer dedication and perseverance the march of progress went on and this full-fledged college today has the strength of 1800 students. Those bygone years have left indelible mark in the history of education in this part of the state.

The college has played a key-role in shaping the future of many a professionals. Today the alumni of Anand Arts College occupy distinguished positions in all spheres of life. This achievement and prestige has come after years of diligent pursuit by students, staff and management. The founders encountered difficulties of every sort but dogged determination and clear vision paved the way for the march ahead. Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal nurtured the infrastructure and encouraged all experiments for growth and development of Anand Arts College. Later on Anand Arts College, Anand was to become an ideal for many other institutions of higher education that were set up in and around Anand.

Anand Arts College began with the simple but clear mission for dissemination of knowledge and formal University education for the people who could not afford to go to metropolises due to paucity.of income. It was a mission to educate the havenots with minimum expenses and education at doorstep.


As the needs and aspirations of citizens of Anand and Charotar area go on expanding, the mission of the college expands. The ultimate aim is to educate and transform the minds of people to live in tune with the times. Hence all efforts of the college are in the direction of enlightenment and enrichment of the minds of students and this way to bring about a socio economic change.



The objectives of Anand Arts College, are directed at social, economic and ethical upliftment of people. The objectives are -

To equip students with knowledge of languages and social sciences,since we believe in 'Knowledge is Power'.

To guide and direct students for graduation in subjects of Arts faculty.

To impart value-based education since languages and social science directly reflect ‘Knowledge is Power '.

To enable students to stand against future challenges by broadening their outlook and widening horizons of their consciousness.


Since Arts faculty covers a wide range of subjects, Anand Arts College offers the following wide choice for students joining F.Y.B.A.
Gujarati Literature
Sanskrit Literature
Hindi Literature
English Literature
Functional English

The new entrant at F.Y.B.A. has to select any two groups out of the three mentioned above and select one optional subject from each of the two selected groups. Each selected Subject shall have two papers. Out of the two selected subjects any one shall be allowed as Principal subject at S.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.A. levels. The second selected subject shall be allowed as subsidiary subject at S.Y.B.A. level. It is clear from this that the Principal subject for graduate degree is to be selected from F.Y.B.A.

Besides selecting two above stated optional subjects (four question papers) the subjects of Gujarati, Hindi, and English are compulsory for English course and Gujarati, Hindi & Sanskrit are compulsory for Non-English course. In addition to these seven subjects, one professional subject is also compulsory. The total of 8 question papers shall be of 800 marks of which 70 marks are for external (University) examination and 30 Marks are for Internal (college) Examination in each subject. (the ratio of External Examination (University) and Internal Examination (College) shall be 70 : 30 in each of
the 8 subjects).

Books & Library

Total Books 50,000
Total Magazines & Journal



Anand Arts College had a modest beginning and meager facilities but over the years the management has taken pains to modernise the building and facilities from time to time. The college building is on prime location of Anand town known as Electric Grid crossing. The college building is three storied R.C.C. construction of simple but spacious accommodation. Anand Arts College is easily accessible through all routes of the town. The college precincts are lined by lush green trees, plants and floral growth that provides natural shade to students and visitors. The open ground in front of the college building catches attention as the lawn is well-maintained and surrounded by tiled pavement for easy movement.

Anand Arts College has a good network of physical amenities and facilities that are need of the day. Water purifiers and water coolers are installed to ensure safe, clean drinking water to faculty and students. The classrooms are modernised and well-equipped with P.A. system, podiums and glassboards. The classrooms are commodious and well-ventilated by air circulation with the help of fans and windows. Modern equipments that easen teaching and learning are installed to enhance the endeavor. Overhead projectors, multimedia projectors, computerisation, audio-visual laboratory and state of the art ultra modern administrative office.

The strength of Anand Arts College lies in the Human Resource employed to lead the college to progress. The faculty consists of distinguished teachers who have excellent academic achievements and insight. The professors have earned high reputation as they are dedicated men of letters in their respective areas of knowledge.

The faculty of the College make an excellent team and are always proactive for the Cause of education The teachers constantly strive to update their intellectual output in order to Influence the students community. They guide and inspire students for better future. The faculty are equally well-versed in extracurricular activities. Since they realise the importance of these activities in the versatile development of students, they devote much time to encourage students and lead them to success in various competitions.

The faculty members do not rest on their laurels in academic area, they have also won prestige in social service and religious service. Manny of our teachers are connected with social and religious activities and contribute towards service of the people. The teachers have been holding, academic positions like Chairmanship of Board of Studies at the university, Membership of the Senate, the Syndicate, Academic Council and a host of other academic posts. Some of our-faculty are renowned for research and authorship of books of' state and national levels. Our esteemed faculty is also engaged as guides of doctoral degree level aspirants. The faculty have deep concern for personal development of' students. Bright students are prepared through star batch programme and career guidance is provided for a bright tomorrow. The teamwork of faculty has popularised Anand Arts College in yet another way through workshops, seminars and symposia of state and national level. The College is proud of these countless curricular activities undertaken during the past many years.


Anand Arts College was honoured with The Best Arts College in Gujarat State award in 1983-84 in view of its unique role and contribution in the spheres of education, Culture and social regeneration.
U.G.C. Delhi selected
Anand Arts College under COHSSIP for extension of education and was sanctioned Rs.5 lakhs as grant in aid.
U.G.C., Delhi sanctioned Rs. 3 lakhs for Remedial classes for students.
U.G.C., Delhi sanctioned Rs. I lakh for Spoken Sanskrit classes.
U.G.C. Delhi sanctioned Rs. 8,32,000/- for research and education extension under the Xth Plan.

This college is the only college in Gujarat where the subject of co-operation is
being- offered for graduate and post graduate degree courses.

This college is the only college of Sardar Patel University that offers Functional English as subsidiary subject.

The college has the credit of consistently winning Gold Medals at T.Y.B.A. University Examination for many years.

In volleyball competition our college has made hatrick of being Unive'rsity champion continually for three years.

Ms Mishal Macwan won honours for Anand Arts College as Girl N.C.C. cadet. She represented the college at N.C.C. National Integration Camp held in Punjab and was awarded (acclaimed) Best Senior Under Officer (Girls).

First Place for best Tableau Exhibition in competition on National Integration held by Gujarat State Government at Anand.

Post graduate Degree courses in subjects of English, Gujarati,, Hindi and History have been started at Anand Arts College, since June, 2005.
The election system of students representative council has been eliminated since 1985. This led other institutions to follow suit. This experiment led the college to new heights of excellence and performance.

The staff, faculty and management maintain rapport with students and generate atmosphere of trust, harmony and discipline.



The College, enjoys distinguished position in the area of curricular and extracurricular activities. The college has an unparalleled tradition of seminars, workshops and symposiums. During the last four decades fifty three seminars have been successfully conducted. The subjects included areas like Economics, Population Education, English , Gujarati and Hindi Literature, Freedom Movement, Cooperative sector, Rural Development, Five-year plans, Social problems, Rationalism, Mind Management, Folk Tales, Ecology, Journalism and Social Problems.

Twenty three workshops in various subjects have been held by the College since 1982. These workshops have proved fruitful to the participants. The areas included are Population Education, Cooperation education, creative Literature, Question banks for various subjects, framing & structuring of syllabi for the subject of Co-operation. It also involved restructuring of syllabi for various subjects in accordance with U.G.C. guidelines.

The participants of these seminars and workshops have been reputed scholars, eminent professors, well known personalities from various fields and above all teachers and Students. The regularity of these activities has earned high prestige for the College.

The College has its own criteria to encourage winners. The following Anand Arts College prizes are given to winners in various competitions.

1. Dr R.P. Patel poetry competition - 6 prizes for district level colleges.
2. Dr. R.M. Patel cultural Activities Prize.
3. Smt. Chandrikaben Elocution competition prize.
4. Literary prize in memory of Late Suman.
5. Dr. Babu Davalpura Gujarati Lecture series fund.

Extracurricular Activities

Anand Arts College, has carved a nitche in the area of extracurricular activities. The wide range of extracurricular and cocurricular activities of the college during the last forty years reflect an amazing pursuit of excellence. These activities are an integral part of our unique educative mode. They aim at awakening the potential in students and channelise their energy towards constructive shaping of their career. The activities undertaken are elocution and debate, essay competition, guest-lectures, N.C.C., N.S.S., Athletics, seminars, workshops and exhibitions, Talented students are afforded Opportunities and are groomed for professional approach in future. Students are encouraged and honoured for their achievements at university exams as well as extracurricular activities. The honour includes goldmedals. Prizes, awards, scholarships and merit certificates.

The wide range of these activities is backed by selfless service of incharge professors whose expert guidance helps students to attain new heights. Our experienced faculty strives to bring out the best by giving direction to the latent energy of students.

For N.C.C. & N.S.S. The college has a unique image of its own. For years the college has set example by infusing in the students the sense of discipline and self reliance. The sportsmen are driven by the motto of 'Health is Wealth' and hence they regularly go ahead with their games & athletics round the year.

The college is the leader of the spectrum of extra-curricular activities and has always remained in the forefront of academic field and continues to charge the atmosphere with proliferation and dissemination of education and knowledge.



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