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V.I.V.I.P. Hostel 

Including VIP facilities for girls.
Foundation and constructed: June’2003.
All the rooms of this hostel are 2 Seated with attached Bathroom respectively.
Each room has a Reading Table, Computer Table and a dressing Table with Cupboard.



The hostel has 12 rooms totally.
  12 Room x 2 = 24 Girls
An guard is placed in the hostel and water is available 24 hours.
The hostel has 3 floors and each floor has a refrigerator.
The rooms are well furnished with required light facilities.
Each floor is provided with a phone.
There is a guest room for guests also.
All the bedding facilities including Curtains, Pillows, Bed-Sheets, Pillow covers are given to each girls.
Everyday at evening the girls get assemble for Prayer.
They are provided with hot water at winter Season.
The hostel also Contains T.V., Washing Machine and Telephone Facilities.

.General Hostel  

Foundation and Constructed : 1980

The hostel contains total 62 rooms and each room is 3 Seated room.
The hostel provides 24 hours water facility.
There is an Aqua guard for Cool Water also.
There is a T.V. hall at ground floor .
Everyday Morning and Evening Prayer is done.
The hostel is also active for cultural Programmes.
There is a guest room in the hostel.
Twenty four hours Security guards.
The hostel is inspected by the Rector Madam: Renuka. N. Patel daily.
There are three floors in the hostel.
Bedding facility is given from hostel including pillows and Curtains.

  Opp. Town Hall, Nr. Grid,
Anand – 388 001
Gujarat, INDIA.
Phone :
  91 2692 250020
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SHRI RAMKRISHNA SEVA MANDAL GIRLS HOSTEL, Opp. Town Hall, Nr. Grid, Anand – 388 001 Gujarat, INDIA. 91 2692 250020