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Anand Hospital

Anand Hospital, Anand

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Anand Hospital

Medical Superintendent’s Message

It is my privilege and pleasure to be the Medical Superintendent of this esteemed institution. I am thankful to the management for giving me an opportunity to serve this institution.


As envisioned by our founder President Mr. Gordhanbhai S. Patel (Vakil Saheb), this hospital has taken great step forward providing health services to the masses. Over the years, with a spellbound administration of the Trust members, the hospital has grown by leaps and bounds. The Doctors and staff of the hospital work with an ultimate objective of providing comprehensive clinical care and solutions to the patients. Keeping pace with current trends in healthcare industry we strive to provide quality medical care & education by using cutting edge technology.


The objective of imparting education to the aspiring medical students including human values, professional ethics and moral virtues are being met in an integrated form to groom the upcoming generation to serve the community and nurtures the individuals capable of making difference in the field of medical science for meeting tomorrow’s challenges.


Overwhelming acceptance of the hospital by the community in a short span is a testimony to our objective of providing quality care to all sections of the society. I wish good luck for the development of this institution.


Dr. Anshul S.Shah

Medical Superintendent.

Anand Hospital, Anand

Commencement: 14/06/1981 under Grant-in-aid Status.

Registration: G.H.V.2080 G via Director of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic System dated 13/06/1980.

Contact No.:   +91-2692-254151, +91-2692-241151

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About the Hospital

The hospital is located near the New Bus Depot in central part of Anand. It has well established various departments viz Medicine, Surgery, Gynaec. & Obs., ENT, Paediatric, Dental, Ophthalmology.

Have a fully equipped Operation Theatres, Ultra Sonography unit, X-Ray facilities, ECG Machines, Laboratory and instruments for neonatal care.

Runs vaccination center every Thursday where all the Govt. aided vaccines are given free of cost.

Hospital provides teaching facilities to the students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th B.H.M.S. students. After completion of studies the students are exposed to one year of compulsory internship training at the hospital where they are trained for the case-taking, patient handling, examination of patients, analysis and repertorization of a case and discussion about prognosis, line of treatment and prescription.  The students have to go through and assist in different sections like IPD, OPD, Pathology, Labour and O. T. work. Etc.

The Hospital gives a learning platform to the Houseman and students pursuing the Post-Graduate Doctor of Medicine MD (Hom) course of its attached Anand Homeopathic Medical College and Research Institute, Anand.

  • Is well equipped with the latest electrotherapy & physiotherapy Instruments

  • The Institute runs an “Obesity Clinic” wherein the patients can make them fit in the fully air-conditioned Slimming & Fitness zone.

Handles various projects and programmes like blood donation programmes, Health camps in the rural and peripheral areas.

Various health camps are regularly arranged in the hospital.


With pure Homeopathic Treatment, thousands of patients in different departments viz. Homeopathic Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, eye, ENT, skin, Paediatrics, etc. get treated in the hospital every year.

Matrumangalam Maternity
Home, Family Planning Centre & Health Centre

Established: 01/10/1957

Web Site:



Mainly deals with Gynaecological problems and institutional deliveries. Approximately 1200-1400 deliveries are carried out every year at a very affordable cost”.

The center offers tubal ligation operation (TL), copper-T and other contraceptive interventions free of cost.



The Hospital has well equipped Operation Theatre, facilities for neonatal care, Special Rooms and Laboratory facilities.

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