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BOYS Hostel

  • Foundation and Construction : June’2004    

  • There are 30 rooms which are 3 Seated.

  • 30 rooms x 3 = 90 Boys    

  • The hostel Contains all Furniture such as Reading Table, Computer Table, Dressing Table with Cupboards.   

  • Each room has attached Bathroom.    

  • The hostel provides 24 hours Water and Light facilities.    

  • The hostel also provides hot water facilities.    

  • There is an attractive dinning hall below the hostel, which is neat and clean.    

  • Security is there for all 24 hours.    

  • Telephone facility is also given to boys.    

  • There is Purifier provided for cool drinking water.    

  • There is a guest room in the hostel.    

  • A Reactor Room is also provided over there.    

  • Everyday morning and evening prayer is to be done.​

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