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V.I.P. Hostel 

White Room
  • ​Including VIP facilities for girls.

  • Foundation and constructed: June’2003.

  • All the rooms of this hostel are 2 Seated with attached Bathroom respectively.

  • Each room has a Reading Table, Computer Table and a dressing Table with Cupboard.

02692 - 250020


  • The hostel has 12 rooms totally.

  • 12 Room x 2 = 24 Girls    

  • An guard is placed in the hostel and water is available 24 hours.

  • The hostel has 3 floors and each floor has a refrigerator.

  • The rooms are well furnished with required light facilities.

  • Each floor is provided with a phone.

  • There is a guest room for guests also. 

  • All the bedding facilities including Curtains, Pillows, Bed-Sheets, Pillow covers are given to each girls.

  • Everyday at evening the girls get assemble for Prayer.

  • They are provided with hot water at winter Season.

  • The hostel also Contains T.V., Washing Machine and Telephone Facilities.

General Hostel  

  • Foundation and Constructed : 1980

  • The hostel contains total 62 rooms and each room is 3 Seated room.

  • The hostel provides 24 hours water facility.

  • There is an Aqua guard for Cool Water also.

  • There is a T.V. hall at ground floor.

  • Everyday Morning and Evening Prayer is done.

  • The hostel is also active for cultural Programmes.

  • There is a guest room in the hostel.

  • Twenty four hours Security guards.

  • The hostel is inspected by the Rector Madam: Renuka. N. Patel daily.

  • There are three floors in the hostel.

  • Bedding facility is given from hostel including pillows and Curtains.

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